Thai bar girls attract horny men to Thailand time and again. They often favor Pattaya due to the high volume of prostitutes including women, lady boys and gay men. Thai bar girls are drawn to Pattaya by the concentrated area of cheap hotels, discos and short time bars looking for staff. Soi 6 Pattaya is one example full of bars supplying alcohol, short time rooms and girls. There are also plenty of lady boys selling services around Soi 6 and between Soi 6/1.

Beer bars in Soi 7, Soi Diana and New Plaza are different to Soi 6. The prices for short or long time are agreed inside the bar, but the activities take place somewhere else. This is embarrassing because it involves a public walk of shame to room or love hotel. Walking Street discos are another regular place to find Thai bar girls as they are popular late at night after beer bars have closed, generally 2-3AM.

Beer Bars in Walking Street Pattaya

Thai bar girls wait for customers at beer bars in Walking Street Pattaya.

Soi 6 Short Time Bars

Soi 6 Pattaya has the largest number of working girls in during the daytime. It’s desirable for men on a sex vacation because it has a broad mix of fresh and mature girls. Some Thai girls have come straight from rural regions of Thailand and just started working in the bar industry. Whilst other girls have been working for decades making thousands of men happy. Soi 6 Pattaya would have to be the easiest place to find some short time relief.

Soi 6 Bar Girls Promo in Pattaya Thailand

Thai bar girls working in Soi 6 Pattaya. Promotion signs use humor to attract men into short time bars. “I f*** on first dates” and “Please tell your c*** to stop staring at my eyes”.

Soi 6 Bar Girl Process

1. Catch a songtel along 2nd Road (from South Pattaya) or Naklua/Beach Road (from the north) and hop off at Soi 6.
2. Walk down Soi 6 and look for an interesting short time bar or attractive Soi 6 girls.
3. Go in to the bar, sit down and order a drink. (About 100 Baht).
4. Girls will come and say hello or find the girl you want. Make some small talk.
5. Buy a lady drink and chat or go straight up to the short time room for action.
6. Pay the drink bill and the bar fine. The bar fine is 350 Baht.
The bar fine includes the short time room cost plus commission to the bar for girl services.
7. Go up to the room, take a shower and prepare for the action to follow.
8. Pay the girl directly for her (or his) services. Expected price is 1,000 Baht.
9. Repeat from step #2.

The short time price in Soi 6 Pattaya has increased over the past few years. The range was 500-700, then increased to 700-1,000 and is now 1,000+ Baht. The short time prices combined with changes in currency exchange rates has resulted in high inflation (>40%). Quotes for services above 1,000 Baht should be considered carefully.

Cute Thai Girls in Soi 6 Pattaya

Soi 6 Pattaya has some cute and friendly Thai girls looking for gentlemen.

Soi 6 Pattaya is between Beach Road and Second Road (12.941855, 100.887829). The easiest way to get there is on the 10 Baht Songtel loop. It is a popular place to visit in the afternoon between 2PM and 10PM. Beer bar girls leave to go home or get ready for Walking Street around 11PM. Some girls are tired from drinking alcohol and entertaining men all afternoon. Soi 6 lady boys tend to work late into the night as they are not admitted into some popular Walking Street discos.

IBar, Insomnia Disco Walking Street

Pattaya’s Walking Street attracts plenty of Thai girls late in the evening, around 3AM. A popular venue is the IBar/Insomnia complex as it has 2 separate areas within the building. IBar has tables and chairs to sit, drink beer and talk to Thai girls from a range of occupations, whereas Insomnia disco is more suitable for dancing and stays open until around 6AM.

The majority, if not all, the girls in IBar are looking to spend the night with a man in return for a reward. Most of these girls iBar and Insomnia transit from neighboring beer bars, gogos and gentlemen clubs in Pattaya. Girls often state they don’t work in the Pattaya bar industry, but on holiday or visiting friends. Still they don’t hesitate to spend the night with someone they just met with a small fee in mind.

The motivation is short term financial gain or the possibility of a long term relationship, although both cost money. Payment for long time services are expected in the morning regardless of what was said earlier in the night. Not paying results in tantrums or volatile action, therefore sound advice is to have money ready if asked or hinted. Freebies do occur depending on your charm, but not too common.

Walking Street Pattaya has many gogos and the prices are far more exorbitant than finding a girl in a disco. The accumulated cost of entertainment with a gogo girl is about 3,300 Baht. 2 beers (300), 1 lady drink (150), bar fine (1,000), short time (1,500), room / love hotel (350). The whole adventure may last under an hour. The same experience in IBar could cost less than 2,000 Baht. 3 beers (450), long time (1,500) + your or her room.

The experience is different and the room costs are excluded, however value can be calculated using a function of total expenses and enjoyment time. Late in the night a Kamagra Oral Jelly sachet may be worth considering (100฿) to boost your performance in the bedroom. IBar is located around the middle of walking street (12.925674, 100.871825).

Thai Bar Girls in Pattaya

Beer bars have opened all around Pattaya. 3 concentrated areas include;
Soi 7 (12.935800, 100.886005), Soi Diana (12.929934, 100.883366) and New Plaza (12.934870, 100.885898).

Pattaya Soi 7 has a mixture of beer bars and guesthouses and proves to be a good place for first timers to stay in Pattaya. The beach and Central Festival are close by and there are Thai bar girls up and down the Soi. The guesthouse could be used as the short time / long time room. However there is no real saving since 300฿ bar fines must still be paid, whilst Soi 7 is most popular during Songkran holiday.

Beer Bar Girls in Soi Diana Pattaya

Thai bar girls in Soi Diana ready for action.

Soi Diana and New Plaza have older women and limited overall choice. Both Sois connect to Soi Buakhao which is a good area to find a happy ending massage. All 3 areas were once popular, although became less popular over time due to changing demographics. Cute Thai girls can be found, but more often these areas are plagued with lady boys who frequently pester heterosexual men. Homosexual activities with lady boys can be found on WeChat for as little as 300-500 Baht or about half the short time price with a female.

LK Metro is a higher quality alternative. It has one popular beer bar (Billabong) and at least 3-4 reasonable gogo bars with pretty Thai girls. LK Metro is also good from 8PM until 12AM. It connects between Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana (12.930119, 100.884460).

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