Anyone planning a sex holiday in Pattaya Thailand is sure to have a good time. Pattaya is the best place for a sex holiday because there are plenty of available Thai girls, experienced mature women, ladyboys and gay men. Prostitutes in western countries tend to demand higher prices, be aged, drug users and foreign visitors working illegally. It is appreciated why men and women choose Pattaya as the best place for sex tourism.

Prostitutes in Pattaya are usually available all hours of the day and sex can be bought for a small amount of money. Regular places to find a partner include gentlemen clubs, beer bars, discos and beach road (coconut bar). Walking street is popular because it’s a concentrated area with access to lots of different girls and lady boys. Walking Street has beer bars, gogos and discos operating until early in the morning. There are also freelance prostitutes selling services up and down the street. The location represents good efficiency in reducing search time for holiday makers.

Alcatraz Gogo in Walking Street Pattaya

Pretty Thai girls supplement sex tourism outside the Alcatraz Gogo in Walking Street Pattaya.

Planning a Sex Vacation

Not much is required to plan a sex vacation in Pattaya. Buy a flight ticket, book a hotel room and bring a few personal items.

1. Buy a return or one way flight ticket to Bangkok. Get a single entry Thailand tourist visa in advanced if you intend to stay longer than 30 days.

2. Find a hotel near Walking Street (Google Maps “12.926325, 100.875473”). Book a room through a website similar to Agoda or Booking. The Walking Street area has cheap and frequent transport up and down Pattaya for 10 Baht. Walking Street is close to the beach, food, shopping and red light areas. Tip: book a few days or a week first, then move to a different hotel. This can be useful to maintain privacy since Thai bar girls will remember where you’re staying. Plus you might find better or cheaper accommodation after you get there.

Plan a Sex Vacation in Pattaya Thailand

Planning a sex vacation in Pattaya involves booze and pretty girls.

Note: It is best to book a hotel room that:
a) allows additional guests to stay without extra cost.
b) is close to walking street or the intended red light areas.
c) is clean and comfortable for you and your companions.

3. Bring some clothes to wear such as jeans, shorts and a t-shirt as most bars have no dress code. Take a phone or tablet to access WiFi internet in the hotel room. Bring your own condoms as Thai condoms are small and expensive to buy. Bring cash and change the notes in a local Pattaya exchange such as Yenjit because the currency exchange rates are much better than outside of Thailand. Deter from bringing anything of value because they may get lost or stolen.

Arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport then catch the airport bus (120 Baht) to the last stop in Pattaya (Thepprasit). Time is about 2 hours. Walk across the road and hop on a baht bus (10 Baht) to the back of Walking Street. Check into the hotel then let the holiday commence. If you fly to the old airport (Don Muang) then get the (30 Baht) A2 bus to Victory Monument, then the 92 Baht Pattaya Van below the BTS. The van goes down South Pattaya Road near Walking Street. Time is about 4 hours.

Sex Holiday in Soi 6 Pattaya

Soi 6 Pattaya is the best place to go looking for short time fun in the day time. Soi 6 (Google Maps “12.941878, 100.887878”) is full of beer bars, cute Thai girls, mature women and lady boys. They stand outside beer bars drawing in customers with the intention of taking you up to short time room together. All services can be bought for the right price, however 1000 Baht plus the 350 Baht bar fine is the usual quote. The theme in Soi 6 Pattaya is short time encounters whereby the customer gets a shower and around 30 minutes of action. Some Pattaya Soi 6 customers prefer to sit, play pool and drink alcohol with no intention of engaging in short time services.

Short Time Bars in Soi 6 Pattaya

Short time bars in Soi 6 Pattaya have a range of Thai girls and lady boys providing entertainment to men.

Soi 6/1 Pattaya is the backstreet of Soi 6 and has many lady boys loitering within. Soi 6/1 provides for people seeking homosexual fun and discrete rear entrances to Soi 6 beer bars. Catch a 10 Baht songtel down 2nd road to get there. The suggested time to visit Soi 6 Pattaya is between 2 PM and 10 PM. Thai happy ending massage is another day time activity after Soi 6 has been exhausted from multiple visits.

Sex Holiday in Walking Street Pattaya

There are 2 types of places in Walking Street Pattaya to maximize a sex holiday; gogos and discos. Visit gogos first if planning to go to Walking Street before 12 AM. Drink prices are around 80 Baht for a glass of draft beer and 150 Baht for a bottle beer. Bottled beer is better to consume as draft beer usually smells funky. Lady drinks cost around 180 Baht each so calculate this into the budget.

The options are to sit, watch and drink alone or pay for the company of a Thai bar or gogo girl. If you find a hot gogo girl and must take her to your hotel, then the costs are 1,000 Baht bar fine and 1,500 Baht short time payment. There is also an option to use a short time hotel in Walking Street for 350 Baht. Long time services may cost 2,000-3,000 and absurd quotes up to 5,000 Baht may also be expected.

The short time costs can be very expensive and represent low value since the whole experience may last just 10 minutes. Often the economics of sex supply and demand plays no part in the calculation of prices. Therefore it’s simpler to walk away from an expensive quote and find a more reasonable price from another bar girl.

After 1 AM, go to Walking Street to find cute Thai girls in Insomnia Club. Many of the girls working in Soi 6 and gogos attend Walking Street discos after they have completed work. The objective is to earn some money and find a gentleman to spend the night with instead of the shared room with 3 other girls. I-Bar is a public venue so there are no bar fines to pay and girls fees for long time services cost around 1,500 Baht. Girls continue to arrive at I-Bar after they finish work at 3AM and 4AM in the morning. Two other discos to check out include Lucifer and 808. If you plan on drinking a lot and worry about getting aroused then buy a couple of Kamagra Oral Jelly sachets for 100 Baht each as a backup tool.

Kamagra Oral Jelly Sex Holiday Pattaya Thailand

Kamagra Oral Jelly sachets can boost your performance late in the evening or after a few drinks.

Caution about STD’s in Pattaya

Bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases are common in Pattaya, Bangkok and throughout Thailand due to working girls meeting with lots of men and women from around the world. There are high reported rates of STD’s in Pattaya such as chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, herpes and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. Thailand’s attitude to antibiotic abuse has led these resistant strains. The last thing you need is to bring these problems back home so they are passed onto other partners. Thai pharmacies sell 2 medicines to treat symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. These are; 1. cefixime – 400mg single dose 2. azithromycin – 1000mg single dose.

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    You can t go wrong with any of these three places for your sex holiday, but I wouldn t recommend going to more than two places if you have only two weeks to spend as it takes a few days to get a orientation and feel for a place as well as to know where to find the best bars, restaurants etc.

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    Does the hotels in Pattaya arrange girls for long time or do you have to find them yourself?


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