Long stay O visas are options for people to live in Thailand who are over 50 years old or legally married to a Thai citizen. The visa does not give the right to work and its purpose is for people who are retired or want to live with family.

Both long stay visas require funds to be deposited or a regular income stream to be deposited into your Thai bank account.

The retirement long stay visa requires an 800,000 Baht balance and the marriage long stay visa requires a 400,000 balance. The funds must have been deposited into the account for at least a 2 month period and requires a letter from the bank to confirm this.

If the balances can not be produced then regular monthly deposits of 65,000 Baht for retirement and 40,000 Baht for marriage are accepted. A letter from the visa applicant’s foreign embassy is required to verify the income.

People can apply for a long stay visa in their home country prior to arriving in Thailand for about $80 USD (2,400 Baht). A 90 day stamp will be given upon entering Thailand. More documents proving income requirements above are then supplied to extend the visa up to 1 year for 1,900 Baht.

Medical checks and or police checks are sometimes required depending on where the application is processed.

Long stay visa costs within Thailand cost 2,000 Baht for single entry or 5,000 for multiple entry. The single entry visa and extension cost for 1 year could cost 3,900 Baht. However the opportunity costs of maintaining a bank balance of 800,000 Thai Baht earning no interest should be considered. The marriage visa also may be a bad option due to being married to a Thai person and having limited freedom with your life.

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