There are many motorbike service and repair shops located in Pattaya. The majority of these shops operate in small garages and appear to have less than enough room to move around and work comfortably. Few repair shops are larger and also supply a range of aftermarket parts, stickers and accessories. The remainder and minority of motorbike service and repair shops present to be fully equipped workshops with many technicians working on motorbikes.

The quality of workmanship varies between locations. A technician in a large well presented workshop is not necessarily a better mechanic or possesses greater capabilities than a technician in a small dirty garage. Some motorbike service and repair shops are efficient to change parts on bikes and have them returned to customers within 10-15 minutes. Whilst other shops have technicians crawling around the floor with a surplus of nuts, bolts and equipment all over the place.

Seeking out a reliable and competent motorbike service and repair shop can seem like an ongoing task. This is due to negative experiences, inability to solve mechanical problems, communication / language barriers and a general appearance of cleanliness not presenting a good impression to the customer.

Mityon Service Center Workshop

Mityon Service Center – South Pattaya Road

Until mid 2014 Mityon provided servicing at popular locations including: corner of Soi Lenkee and 3rd Road and corner of South Pattaya Road and 3rd Road. However currently no longer service motorbikes. Mityon have now consolidated their motorbike service and repairs at a dedicated service facility located on South Pattaya Road.

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Mityon Service Center 12.920208, 100.889594

In previous experience, Mityon is cheaper in servicing motorbikes and changing parts compared to other large Honda dealerships in Pattaya and many small garages also. Comparing the Mityon Service Center to a Honda motorbike dealer on Sukhumvit Road Pattaya recently revealed a price difference of an additional 30-40%. This service included the full list of items detailed below. The workshop did not have all the basic parts that was needed and was told to wait 2-3 hours for the work to be completed.

Below is the service cost for genuine parts supply, remove and replace on a Honda Click 125i

Engine oil change – 120
Gearbox oil – 80
Spark plug – 100
Air Filter – 150

Tube replacement – 160
Front tire – 550
Rear tire – 600

Change Motorbike Tires Rear

Rear Honda Click motorbike tyre in good condition after 2,500 kms / 6 months.

Tube replacement is only 130 Baht at Mityon compared to 160-180 Baht at small motorbike repair shops on Soi Buakhao and 3rd Road. The only benefit in purchasing parts from a small motorbike repair shop is to save money by using non-genuine parts. The prices above are 1,150 Baht for a genuine fitted front and rear tires. Using a different brand tire can halve this cost. However in previous experience the tires have been the wrong size, a harder compound and a different tread pattern. The cost saving of 500 Baht for the non-genuine tires is a pathetic saving considering the tires connects the bike to the road and only need to be changed every 1-2 years or 8,000 kms. Safety and durability surely outweighs the cost saving.

Motorbike Tire Gauge Inflation

Over inflated tire after changing front and rear tires at Mityon Service Center.

After changing the tires at Mityon the pressure was inflated to 88 PSI front and 80 PSI rear. This is completely negligent as all vehicles including this one contain a tire placard with recommended tires pressures of: rear 33 PSI and front 28 PSI. High inflation reduces grip, produces a hard ride and makes the tubes easy to explode upon impact with a pothole or bump in the road. Therefore the parts provided by Mityon were quality, however the mechanic did a poor job of over inflating the tires. A tire pressure gauge is suitable to determine the tires inflation and is a tool that seems absent in Thailand. A tire gauge can be purchased from Big C for 159 Baht. When I first started driving motorbikes in Thailand I had tire punctures every couple of months or weeks. Since I took care of purchasing quality tires and maintaining correct tire pressure I have not had any punctures or needed to replace any tubes. Simple.

Honda Click 125i Tire Placard

Recommended Tire Pressures for Honda Click 125i

Every other part is remove and replace and can be carried out in a short period of time. All up for the major service took around 45 minutes. At the Mityon Motorbike Service Center you can wait in an air-conditioned room with a tv and complimentary free water and coffee.

Mityon Service Center Receipt

Motorbike Service Receipt

Always ask for a receipt when you pay for servicing, as this is proof any work was carried out on the bike and is useful when selling the bike to prove maintenance was performed. It is also useful to refer back for future pricing and as a log as to when parts were changed.

Other general maintenance includes washing your motorbike with a gentle detergent and optional to apply a wax afterwards to protect the paint and keep the bike shiny. This is normally not performed in Thailand as bikes are left to bake in the sun all day and little care is performed to keep the bikes in good condition. Normally preventative maintenance is not important, but repairs once something is broken. With some general knowledge and taking care of your bike it will stay in top condition. Before spending money on repairs you may consider the information on buying a used motorcycle in second in Thailand.

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  1. Geo March 26, 2016 at 10:13 PM

    I have a Honda PCX 150 and need a Michelin tubeless front tyre. Can I buy it from the Mityon dealer?

    • PTB March 27, 2016 at 2:47 PM

      Thank you for your question. I have seen the Michelin tyres at other motorbike repair shops. Michelin is not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the Honda PCX so the Mityon Service Center may not have it. Mityon usually supply the IRC brand tyre. Maxxis is another alternative is the Michelin is too expensive.

  2. George June 25, 2016 at 2:02 PM

    Thanks. Can you tell me where to buy Michelin tires? I went to Mityon in South Pattaya Road, but they only have IRC.

  3. G April 10, 2017 at 12:29 AM

    My battery on my new PCX 150mis completely dead,meat for 3 months. Is there a mobile repair service where someone could come out and charge the battery. I live in Na Jomtien.


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