Buying a new Honda PCX 150 in Thailand is an easy process and can be completed in under a few hours. The Honda PCX 150 is a popular motorcycle in Thailand and a more powerful alternative than the new Honda Click 125i.

Dealerships all over Pattaya sell the Honda PCX 150. The main locations are:
Googlemaps Co-ordinates: (copy and paste digits into search box)

12.908106, 100.885343 Theprassit (opposite Soi 6 on Theprassit Road)
12.924077, 100.879254 Soi Buakhao (intersection of Soi Buakhao and South Pattaya Road)
12.949805, 100.897204 North Pattaya (intersection of Pattaya Nua and 3rd Road)
12.933917, 100.894586 Central Pattaya (opposite Big C Extra Pattaya Klang)
12.923643, 100.882478 South Pattaya (intersection of Pattaya Tai and 3rd Road)

Honda PCX 150 Colors

Honda PCX 150 colors: black, silver, white and red.

The Honda PCX 150 comes in 2 matte paint and 2 gloss paint colors; pearl white (matte), metallic silver (matte), candy red (gloss), metallic black (gloss).

The drive away price for the Honda PCX 150 in Thailand is quoted 81,000 Baht. The Honda PCX 150 is 76,000 Baht and an additional 5,000 for name transfer, motor vehicle tax, compulsory insurance, theft insurance and license plate. Theft insurance is optional on the Honda Click 125i, however Mityon Pattaya bundle the cost into the price of the Honda PCX 150.

Honda PCX 150 LED Headlight

Honda PCX 150 LED head lights.

The new Honda PCX 150 has a dual LED headlight, LED taillights and LED blinkers. The LED headlights give a much whiter light compared to regular halogen globes. The driver compartment box has a 12 volt cigarette sized power outlet that can be used as a USB charger.

Honda PCX 150 LED Tail Lights

Honda PCX 150 LED tail lights.

The engine is liquid cooled 150cc with an alternator starter and idling stop system. The idling stop switch on the new Honda PCX 150 will cut the engine when the motorcycle is idle and restart when the throttle is twisted. The bike also has a anti-theft alarm with remote control.

Honda PCX 150 Instruments

Honda PCX 150 instruments and controls.

Honda includes a 5 year warranty on the engine and 3 years on the electrical system.

To buy a new Honda PCX 150 you will need the following:

Your passport (foreign name) or a Thai ID card (Thai person)
Residency Certificate (foreign name) from Jomtien Immigration (300 Baht)
Money paid in full. A stack of 1,000 Baht Thai Bank notes is normal or a bank cheque.

Honda PCX 150 Front

New Honda PCX 150’s for sale at Mityon Honda.

The new Honda PCX 150 will be delivered to the motorbike shop whilst you wait. If the bike is already at the dealership then a mechanic will inspect the bike whilst the transaction is being processed. The new PCX 150 will be issued with a red dealer license plate. After 2 months this will be replaced with a white Chonburi province plate. Your name and address are printed into the green book and is used to prove ownership of the Honda motorbike. This is also required annually to pay for motor vehicle tax and to sell the bike to another owner.

Black Honda PCX 150

A new black Honda PCX 150.

Check this bike is in new condition before you leave the dealership including scratches and everything works. It may be difficult to prove damage on the bike after it has left the dealership.

The Honda PCX 150 must be registered and insured every year. The cost is 105 Baht if you choose to pay the motor vehicle tax at the Banglamung Motor Registry. You will need to drive out to Highway 36 and spend a few hours waiting for the paperwork to be completed. This will include your time and cost for fuel.

Insurance can be purchased from AA Insurance Brokers near Big C South Pattaya for 323 Baht. This takes less than 5 minutes and you will receive a printed certificate.

Agents provide a service where you can pay the registration and insurance. The green book is left with the agent and collected after 2 weeks. There is an additional fee of 300-600 Baht for this service. The Mityon dealer Soi Buakhao location is quite efficient for providing this service.

Jomtien Immigration 12.897872, 100.871405
Banglamung Motor Registry 12.968273, 100.972150
AA Insurance Brokers 12.916007, 100.895334
Mityon Soi Buakhao 12.924077, 100.879254
Mityon Service Center 12.920208, 100.889594

Servicing and repairs are done at the Mityon Service Center located on South Pattaya road opposite Soi 10. Their prices are fair and the service center will supply and fit genuine Honda PCX 150 parts. The Center is open 6 days per week and closed Sunday.

If buying a new Honda PCX 150 is out of your budget then you may consider buying a used motorcycle instead.

Honda PCX 150 Specifications

Honda PCX 150 specifications

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  1. Mark C March 6, 2015 at 7:11 AM

    Great infiormatuve article but please can you elaborate on what the residency document actually is?

  2. PTB March 6, 2015 at 3:34 PM

    Thank you for your question. The residence certificate is a legal document issued by Thai immigration to verify your personal details. It includes your name, passport number and Thai address. These details will be printed into the motorcycle green book to prove your ownership.

  3. Mark March 27, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    I just purchased a used 2015 PCX with apparently 2,800km on the odometer. The Thai agent who buys the trade ins assured me the bike was legit apart from minor accident damage cosmetics. After a few days with the bike I quickly realized my worse nightmare had taken place. In fact I checked the previous owner a foreigner that owns a rental bike company ear the dealer. Being trusting well what can I say. The transmission was locking up and scrapping sounds. The tires were not original and there was pry marks on the fairing below the headstem. All this I noticed after washing the bike and riding it. So my friend who is a certified Honda mechanic inspected the bike. Sure enough removed the air filter and it was grease black a 30,000 km filter maybe more.
    They have sun the odometer back and are doing business with the rental bike company. Pattaya scams never end. They are not good people. Money back and I will learn a lesson. never trust a Thai bike dealer

    • PTB March 28, 2016 at 4:34 PM

      That is very unfortunate and I hope your next bike is better.

  4. Deen April 20, 2016 at 10:02 PM

    Dear PTB,
    I am looking for good used and new biker dealer in pattaya. i am looking to import 1 full container of Honda PCX 125 and 150 used and new. Please can you advice me how to overcome this?
    Kind regards,

  5. jaffer June 4, 2016 at 2:32 PM

    i want honda pcx 150cc i am from india …but how to import thjis scooter honda pcx 150cc please sir my dream to buy this scooter . i will pay amount of this scooter please import this in india how will be pay amount this scooter

  6. Ian November 14, 2016 at 7:30 PM

    Thanks because of your review I spotted some small damage they will fix on the first service. Shame no english instructions and hard to get a comprehensive understanding of the Smart Key System bugger all online in English. Also can pay at the dealership with direct bank transfer from a Thai Bank. I paid 86000B all up today.

  7. Andr March 9, 2017 at 12:07 AM

    Hello ! I want to buy a new Honda Forza 300 in Pattaya …
    Is it out of stock now ??? What will be the total price ???
    thanks :)))

  8. Waser René March 13, 2017 at 12:18 PM

    Good day
    I’ve looked around in Hua Hin and Pran Buri for a new PCX. At the moment not available, 4 – 5 months waiting time. Whether they get a black PCX, they do not know exactly.
    Now I have decided (send picture) a black PCX to buy and then make it up. On the side, in the middle and the border of the fittings in red. Rims red. Laterally with the transmission, which is chrono also black lacquer.Top case red. Red shock absorbers. A large windshield. Then an exhaust with a good sound. How do you see this, it might be possible that you make me so right until mid-August. Or is it not possible for you? Thank you in advance.
    Greetings from Hua Hin

  9. miss_limbu March 29, 2017 at 12:34 AM

    Hi there.
    I have Honda pcx 125 2015 model, UK based. Can I buy fairing set and other parts from those shop, upon visit to Thailand?

    • PattayaTravelBlog March 29, 2017 at 5:05 PM

      You can order most spare parts including plastics from Honda retailers but may find the prices are more expensive than other motorbike shops selling the non OEM parts. Shipping back needs to be included too. What price have you been quoted in the UK?

  10. Mausifan April 4, 2017 at 2:18 PM

    Hi. I am looking to import PCX bike to Sri Lanka. Both used and new. Can you help me find a dealer / exporter of both new and reconditioned. Thank you


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