Finding the best tailor in Pattaya to buy a suit is not easy because there are a large number of shops to choose from. The price and quality of tailors when buying a shirt, jacket, trousers or complete suit changes from shop to shop and finding good value can be a gamble. However buying suits of good quality fabric and stitching is made simple once a tailor shop with good quality control and customer service is found. See recommendation and where to buy your suit below.

Most of the tailors in Pattaya are located around Beach Road, Second Road and Walking Street. All the shops supply similar fabrics as each other to make tailored shirts and suits. The materials should be on display inside the tailors shops. Some smaller tailors don’t have rolls of materials but books of fabric samples and cuttings. It can be easier to select a fabric when you can see and compare them on the large rolls. Next your measurements will be taken and you can customise the products. Some customisations include:

Shirt customisations include: slim, regular or loose fit. Short sleeve, long sleeve. Collar design. Pleats in the back of the shirt. Front pocket. Button or cufflinks. Initials on cuff.

Suit jacket customisations include: slim, regular or loose fit. 2 or 3 button jacket. Single or double vents in the back of the suit. Fancy stitching inside (piping). Plain solid colour lining or fancy silk lining. Open of closed cuffs.

Suit trousers customisations include: slim, regular or loose fit. Pleats in the front of the pants, waist size and leg length. Rear pocket(s).

Accessories: Neck tie, tie pin, cufflinks etc.

Afterwards the measurements and fabrics are taken out of the tailors shop to an offsite location to be stitched together. There are generally 2 fittings when you meet the sewing machinist back at the tailors shop to check the size of the intermediate product. At this stage the jacket is a rough looking vest without any shoulder pads of sleeves. The 2nd fitting is usually the finished product to confirm the measurements are accurate. Make sure you check the products thoroughly before paying the balance and leaving the shop to avoid disappointment later and having to return.

Tailored Suit Package

1. Buy a white or light coloured cotton shirt, slim/regular fit, regular collar, with or without a pocket on the chest, single button cuffs.
2. Black or navy blue 2 or 3 button jacket, double vents, piping (fancy stitching) and fancy lining.
3. Regular fit trousers, no front pleats and a single rear pocket.
4. Fancy yet discrete black necktie. Total price should be around 5,500 Baht.
5. Buy a pair of black leather shoes at a Bata shoe shop for 900 Baht to complete the outfit. Located in Big C South, Big C Extra. Avoid spending 3,000 Baht at Mike’s shopping mall.

Best Tailor in Pattaya

An excellent value tailor with consistent quality and sales history is King’s Tailors located on 2nd Road (near Soi 8 before the Pattaya Klang intersection). They have a large selection of fabrics, sensible pricing and good quality customer service. They will create a suit or shirt to a high quality standard. Hopefully this recommendation saves you the uncertainty and search costs to hunt around different shops.

Tips to Buying a Suit

The following conclusions have been drawn after buying multiple suits from tailors in Pattaya and Bangkok.

1. The fabrics are mostly the same amongst tailor shops suggesting there is 1 or 2 material suppliers.
2. Most of the fabrics e.g. merino wool, cashmere, super 180’s etc. are imitation and not in fact wool, but polyester. A burn test could confirm this.
3. High quality Italian wool should not be expected to be genuine at tailors offering suits at budget prices.
4. Make sure your suit customisation requirements are clear and written in the tailors sketch book.
5. Alterations are common before the final product is delivered. Expect an extra fitting and time to make an adjustment in size.

Some items were purchased recently using a new tailor, different from recommended above. The decision was cost based and there was no purchase history or referral for this shop. The suit and shirt were cheap to buy and ready within a few days. The result was as followed:

Shirt, missing pocket. Jacket, incorrect shoulder pads, incorrect cuff style, wrong interior stitching and no rear vent. Pants, waist too tight, length too short. Free tie, 50 Baht quality, poor selection (tailor said he had more available during ordering, but did not). Customer service, dishonest and loaded with excuses. Most of the above faults were rectified within a week and the experience was time wasting. It was not worth using this new tailor to save a small amount of money. In the future a reputable tailor such as mentioned above would only be used.

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