The 5 best online dating sites in Thailand are; Thai Friendly, Thai Cupid, Mizz Thai, WeChat and Badoo. There are plenty of other online dating sites and apps to meet Thai girls and ladyboys in Thailand, however a lot of inactive members or low success rates. All of the dating sites and mobile apps below offer free and paid subscriptions. The difference between the free and paid subscriptions is access to extra features. Some of these features improve the chances of meeting cute Thai girls and other are full of nasty bar girls and lady boys. Signing up on each online dating site requires an email address and some basic profile information including age and location. Mobile apps also require a phone number and then a pin is sent to the phone by SMS to complete the signup process.

Photos are not required to be uploaded to the online dating sites, but having a suitable photo improves the number of messages and replies received from other members. Generally many girls display pictures of themselves covered in tattoos, sitting in beer bars, with partners chopped out of photos or taken from inside various hotel rooms. A man or woman looking for a relationship may disqualify themselves from other members simply from what they choose to display as their profile photos. Photos detail information quickly about people and uploading a desirable photo is important to attract attention from the right person. Comparing mobile phone dating apps such as Badoo, some girls had over 200 photos. This is excessive and 1 photo is adequate with 2-3 more than necessary.

Dating sites and applications greatly reduce the search time by covering a large area of geography from the convenience of your lounge room or office. The online dating sites and apps create opportunities for people to meet who may not have the chance otherwise. Some examples include meeting man or woman from a different city or someone with limited social contact who does not go out much in public. Some people may also prefer online dating sites, as they feel uncomfortable approaching strangers face to face. Closed communities and cultural beliefs also reduce opportunities to meet people in person.

3 online dating websites; Thai Friendly, Thai Cupid, Mizz Thai were tested along with 2 popular mobile apps; WeChat and Badoo. Followed is a summary comparing the various online dating options.

Whichever site you decide will surely find plenty of hot Thai girls and ladyboys.

The response rate with these Thai dating sites is ten fold compared to western dating sites because there are so many available women. Therefore you are best to sign up on each site below and find which is works the best for you. The process is easy: take one good photo and write a short description then copy and past it to each site.

Best Thailand Dating Websites



Thai Friendly has over 600,000 members from all regions of Thailand. This online dating site is good because members can send messages for free, but there is a 10 minute waiting period between sending each message. This can be quite slow if a number of profiles interest you and even slower when responding to replies. At this stage you can upgrade for $30 to a paid subscription removing the 10 minute wait and giving extra search features to filter search results. Searches are segmented into different age groups and cities of Thailand. Most of the girls on Thai Friendly have a low level of English and quite a lot of the messages sent have to be translated into Thai and or back to English. Most girls appeared to be genuinely looking for a relationship, however some messages were not responded to if they were too long or difficult to understand.

Thai Cupid


Thai Cupid has a large membership pool with over 1 million users and its features depend greatly on the membership level. The free signup has limited messaging and search capabilities, however this allows you to search the site of other members before upgrading to a paid membership. Gold and Platinum options improve your profiles ranking in search and give unlimited messaging features. The women on Thai Cupid spoke and understood English better compared with other online dating sites and apps. There was certainly more conversation required to get a date. Most members have attended college or university and there are no dodgy photos in beer bars or similar. This site would be suitable for someone looking for a long term relationship instead of a quick one time meeting. Thai Cupid also includes a translation feature between Thai and English.

Mizz Thai


MizzThai is a website where 2 people can connect and make a deal together about adventure, fun, romantic or even marriage. The MizzThai website does not promote it’s members who sign up simply to sell services or ask people to send money and actually have a higher ratio of women to men. Many men have met or travelled with a beautiful woman and come back to Thailand to repeat the experience using the sites holiday offers section. You can post you trip to Thailand in the public section so many girls know when you are planning to visit certain parts of the country and arrange travel together. There are free and gold membership categories. Everyone signs up with a free membership then you can browse the website before opting to upgrade to gold for 1 month 24.99 EUR, 6 months 34.99 or 12 months 44.99.


Download links can be found on the WeChat website that direct to either the Samsung or Apple stores. After the mobile app is downloaded and installed it will ask for your telephone number and then send a pin as an SMS. Getting the dating app started is fast as the app only asks for your age, gender and location. A profile picture is optional but it is recommended to upload a picture for the reasons we mentioned above. The WeChat app then uses the phones inbuilt GPS function to determine your location and compare to the locations of other people around you. A list of search results is shown showing the distance of men and or women near you. Therefore the app is good for meeting local people. The App is fast and lets you contact as many people as you want. The result in Pattaya is most of the users are gay men and lady boys providing services for customers. A quick sample found that many of the lady boys would ask between 1000 and 2000 Baht for a short time experience but would reduce the price to 300 Baht after some negotiation. This app is useful for people looking for paid encounters with someone close by instead of entering bars or massage parlors.


Badoo is very different from We Chat because it displays one members profile at a time and gives the user the option to like or not like their picture. The profile viewing is random and no match is formed until 2 members decide they like each others pictures. Once both members do like each other, a match is created and messaging becomes available. Users that view and like your picture can not been seen unless you upgrade your account to a paid subscription. Due to this matching only very few conversations were started and did not appear to be orientated towards paid services such as on WeChat. Most of the profiles displayed were 10-60kms distances therefore there was limited opportunity to meet someone in Pattaya. Badoo may be more useful in a populated city such as Bangkok.

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  1. Tony February 23, 2015 at 5:29 AM

    My elder cousin had been dating a girl online for 4 months till they got happily married last year. Online dating sites nowadays are very popular for those who are superbusy, has no free time or just uncertain people.

    • PattayaTravelBlog February 28, 2017 at 6:40 PM

      Online dating also broadens the search to people outside of your usual location, venues and the profile is visible 24 hours per day making it easier to make contact. The potential of meeting someone is amplified greatly, especially for busy, shy or less social people.

  2. Tengtai October 30, 2015 at 1:05 PM

    One of the very best apps for quick dating is Tango. Set up a profile and start search. You can see the distance to the girl and if you like her just send a chat request:-)

  3. Kim February 17, 2016 at 9:52 PM

    Westerners visiting dating site in Thailand or the Philippines need to beware. Many of the girls are ‘fishing’ on the dating sites for sponsors to send them money and many will have two, three or even four guys on the go at any one time (all thinking they are the only one). Girls working in Thailand’s tourist or entertainment industry regularly have a dating site profiles posted and use them as a way of earning extra money while still working the bars and nightclubs for clients to have sex with. Often you will find the same girl on a number of differant sites.

    Once a relationship has been built up with a guy they have met on the dating site these girls will ask for money to be sent to them or sponsorship to help them get a job or education, sometimes they make up an excuse or emergency that requires money to be sent to them. They (the scammers) are seldom what they seem and often nothing more than proffssional ‘scam’ artists. My advice is to be very careful before you get too involved with somebody met on a Thai or Filipino dating site, more often than not the profile is false and all is not what it seems. The problem is that in their efforts to make money they can break hearts and destroy the dreams of men who think these girls are genuine, really care for them and want a future together. Gentlemen check these girls out before you get emotionally involved and never send money to somebody you have never met in person. Be very very careful.

    • Jack January 10, 2017 at 5:28 PM

      They also meet a guy, when he goes, they get his e mail addy and sell it to scammers, the scamner then contacts them, saying mum sick, lost job, send money etc..

      • PattayaTravelBlog February 28, 2017 at 6:35 PM

        Good point and worth considering there are dodgy folk in many countries committing fraud on internet dating sites. Simply don’t send any money to people who are not your friends, family and have not met in person.

  4. Aditya October 15, 2016 at 2:00 AM

    Badoo is just waste of time. The photos and interface are excellent but every 2 min they ask you to pay money. Also they don’t allow you to choose your preferences or exactly what you want. Thin girl, short girl etc. The photos are fake almost 90% times and when i report them to administrator they don’t take any action. All in all i wasted a lot of money. on Badoo.

    Now back to Thaifriendly I am so happy to be back. Paid for 1 year, real profiles, real girls.

    But as a word of caution: ask for their line / messenger id and do video call before you meet them to confirm if photos are real.

    Cheers and have fun while it lasts.


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